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the act of making one's troubles disappear.

an emergency vehicle that takes the sick or injured to Clovermeade General. Eventually.


 Anti-  Gravity Park:
a place of relaxitivation built atop an artificial gravity dead zone on level two. 


 a computer OS; like an abacus for your home or office! Heat storage units run on it, but it's  incompatible with everything else.


 Bee busker:
           a careless or reckless person; a person who courts danger.


 Board Of Brotherly Opinioners:
(BOBO) kind of like the government but legislation is more suggestion than law.


a person of indiscriminate taste.


 Bub drubbing:
 accomplishing a task with haste or urgency.


          a facility that bakes cakes; and only cakes.


pipes that direct fluid from level three to anywhere they're needed; infested by scorpion- pigs.


 Chalmer's fluid:
a topical medication used to treat severe burns.


a style of shoe.

the city under the dome in the South Pole- Aitken Basin on the far side of the moon.


 Clovermeade general:
a facility Domicilians go to get healthy; run by the head of cures.


the average citizen of Clovermeade.


 Clone clamping: 
a preventative measure against the spread of misinformation; involves ear plugs.


             an implement used in such games as  Shalie- Whacking.


              a holiday in Cremebrulary marking the end of winter.


 a contract.



              the process of expanding or constricting air flow in a phone line to route a call to the desired location. 


 Dome, the: 
the life-giving structure that houses and separates Domicilians from the cold environs of space; origin unknown.


 Dome Leaver One: 
              the first spacecraft successfully launched into orbit by the Clovermeade Space Program (CSP); it was captained by Bobby                                             Dushcanko.

a home.

refers to a denizen under the dome. Not necessarily  a citizen of Clovermeade, even though they all     are.

Clovermeade's electronic database; exhaustive. Specko- lift is connected to it and cites it often.


 End of Remember, the: 
                Clovermeade's biggest holiday; a time of reflection. Some iconic symbols and characters of this holiday  include:
                           Empty Boxes.    
                                Little Timmy Two- Shoes.
                                Old- man Ebenevil.
                                 Tom Turkey.
                                Tom Turkey Table.

                the feral essence of notcoon sexuality. Also, a Penny Tightgrove perfume.



                 a foreign language.

                volatile chemicals released by a planimal to impact the behavior of potential playmates.

             Angina grass:
a floss made from the hair of women named Angina; used to top deserts.
            Aspic: made from walrus.
            Bog beef:  once feared to turn people into rubber.
            Caligulas:  bad for you.
            Cloromax: a seasoning.
             Coal gravy:  a delicate and frothy mixture used to top various dishes.
            Curly clams: shrimp.
             Dickert water:   an inebriating beverage.
            Crusticles:  dinner rolls.
             Drivel-drip:  a stimulating beverage made from clovers that may cause drowsiness.
             Flash food: takes more time to order than it does to digest.
            Gloin meat:   a tender cut of meat located near a planimal's groin.
            Gloin gravy:  a natural viscous dressing found in the gloin of a walrus.
            Groovy:  a jiggly sauce made from meat juices and stock.
            Hot- meat- parts:  a favorite fatty food. Sold on street corners and Shalie- Whacking games; popular at cook- outs.
            Jamsonberry:  a sweet and melon- like fruit.
             Orange frizzy: a soft drink.
            Pizza nuts:  sometimes powdered and always intoxicating.
             Potasties:  often mushed and served with groovy. Mmm.
             Sandwich:  a liquefied protein supplement.
             Septum seeds: not boogers.
             Stuffening: anything edible that can be stuffed anywhere.
             Sugarshrooms: good for you. 
            Snappy cream:  
a soft drink.
            Vegemal:  a dish deliberately prepared without meat.
            Weasel tails: a cheese- fried delicacy.

 Food stamps: 
              an exclamation of extreme dissatisfaction or alarm.

 Foot worker: 
          a courier.

              apparently integral to the belief system of Joe Steenoil and his flock, the People for Buoyancy (PFB).     Dieties of some sort,                                           maybe.


 Grinder general:
                 a  really big oxygenerator. Also, a spiritual and political leader shrouded in mystery.

 Gobblenut tree: 
                 an inedible fruit bearing tree.

           used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration.

              one of Clovermeade's three to five seasons.

 Grease shuttle: 
                the only way to get grease from where it is to where you are.

 Head worker:

                  one who works with her head; a professional problem solver, creative consultant, or scientist.


 Hand worker: 
              one who works with her hands.

 Help Desk, the:
                 a hot- line open to all Domicilians. Services include troubleshooting and fact- checking.

 Head of Cures:
                   the senior management position at a health facility.

 Historical figures: 
                 not all that many. Domicilians have trouble remembering things on account of their unusual circadian rhythms. Here's one:
                            Clark Cloughingham: the founderer of Cloughingham's Corners. It was there all along but he found it.

 Jamboree, the: 

                a raucous celebration taking place every year on the day of Jamborary.  Participants bake:
                                Jamborary bread: an important part of the Jamorary holiday. If the yeasts in the bread cause it to rise, it'll be a                                                                                                    veritable feast. If the bread falls flat, revelers will have to eat last year's  bread. Fun.
               any music that is good; extremely important to Domicilians. It was once poetically compared, not to food or water, but to the                                very air they breathe. Here's some stuff about it:
                                Bass bonanza
                                           Snare fiddle

             Listening Equipment:
     Plate:  a disk of light energy in perpetual spin that produces jazz or music by vibrating light to make holographic                                                                                     sound. Because the plate is always spinning, the jazz that was laser    pinned on it plays forever without end. The                                                                                        quality is amazing.
                                         Plate spinner: an apparatus that reads jazz plates for playback. Because jazz plates cannot be stopped, a plate spinner                                                           opens a small singularity near the plate as a workaround;   the sound is then sucked into a wormhole and away from                                                                          our ear- notches. We really don't know where it goes. To listen to a plate, one closes the wormhole. To silence the jazz                                                                 or music, one simply opens it again.

              Other Stuff:
Backmasking: the art of hiding messages on jazz plates.
                                           Deep jazz: the best and most authentic kind of jazz. Performed primarily on level eighteen at nightclubs that don't                                                                         advertise and have no demarcation.

 Jelly- head: 
                  something this one guy calls people sometimes when he's frustrated. We don't know where he got it.


                 a form of currency.


 Ladders, the:
               an alternative to taking the lift between levels; assembled from pieces and parts from the rung pile. 

 League of ponderers: 
                   a think tank of sorts. They haven't gained as much traction as BOBO.

                 a private profession one is unlikely to freely admit to practicing; someone who composes, edits, and oversees contraps. 

 Levels, the:
                 floors extending beneath Clovermeade; built to facilitate expansion under the Dome. Origins unknown.
1. Top level. Upscale shopping. Central complex. Parks. Deep dive. 
 2. Underbelly. It's nicer than it sounds; neighborhoods, greenplaces and relaxitivization. The Anti- Gravity Park is located                                                               here.
3. The catalines. The Center for Staring at and Picking Things Apart (CSPTA). 
4. The Halls of Money-passing and Paper-keeping (HOMP).
 5. The Clovermeade Birthing Center (CBC).
           6. Underwater arena. Rocket shoes are banned. Back-up debate level.
                    7. Nature. The most beautiful fluorescent dimmings in Clovermeade. 
 8. Farming level. Where the dragons were.
 9. Wilderness; full of feral creatures like coons and hogodons.                     
  10. Storage. Bait shop. 
                   11. Juvenile detention. 
 12. Hideouts for fugitives and mockers. 
 13. Minimalist retreat. Sports and gambling. 
 14. Nothing but fans and pumps.
 15. A heap of the dead. 
                  16. No one remembers off hand.
 17. The sea.
           18. Underground level, rodeo circuit, and night clubs featuring Deep Jazz.
 19. The house of the loner.
 20. The library.
21. The rung pile.
22. Garment industry.
23. The trunk yards.

                 a sweetheart.

 Lower dorsal:
              contains manifolds and has something to do with the weather. It's on level fourteen, we think. Ask Wally about it. 

 Magic picture:
a  movie. How do they do it?

 Man- wife:
                 a male spouse.

                a curse word, as in: "What in the maze?"

                 another curse word.

 Mask of Universal Understanding and Friendship:    
                (MUUF) a device that  translates Domicilian into any one of the thirteen expected alien languages:












   a computer OS that heating elements run on.

                 a type of pneumatic device that utilizes contracting inorganic fibers.


                a midday meal or dalliance.

 Nose- notch:
                a breathing hole in the middle of a face that is not a mouth. 

 Object of Inexplicable Origin:
   (OIO) unknown.

   a machine that generates oxygen by grinding rocks. 

 People for Buoyancy, the:
                 (PFB) An organization advocating against artificial gravity.

 Pie- house:
                a flash food restaurant.

 Places (some, not all):
              Blenderheyden Hall:
a facility open to all for events and parties. Named for Ms. Blenderheyden, a  woman who ate at a fish                                             fry   there once.
              Central Complex: more than just bunkers!
               Cleverglades: a swamp. Pretty though.
               Deep Dive: Clovermeade's only hill. Connects upscale With the catalines; bypassing underbelly.
              Central Greenplace: a block located in the middle of level two with an ordinance requiring the color doors are to be painted.
              Cloughingham's Corners: a rare geographical set of right angles.
              Cuxcrum's Corners: has no corners but contains an amphitheater.
               Old Smokey: a needlessly treacherous and winding road; located in the Scapes. 
              Place: a park.
              Scapes, the:
located on level two.
               Streets (some, not all):

              Yahtzee building:
located in the Central Complex and containing the job desk.

                  any living things. Here's some:
                                 Bees: yes, bees.
                                 Forest clams: often flat- footed; a delicacy.
                                 Clowns: domesticated entertainers held captive on level seven.
                                 Coons: giant ferocious beasts from level nine.
                                Creapers: potentially predatory but often harmless creatures; a little grabby.
                                 Dragons: reside on level eight. They breathe fire and all that.
                                 Earth worms: invasive species; definitely not native.
                                  Hatch bats: tend to infest hatches; it's best to keep things closed just in case.
                                 Jackhamsters: cute, fluffy and bitey.
                                Flamingoes: orange.
                                 Hogodons: huge level nine beasts.
                                  Mares: uncagable and extremely venomous; a favorite among children, they often infest zoos.    
shrunken coons kept as pets. They can fly, it turns out.
                                  Octopuses: currently have eight appendages usually.
                                Pudgim birds: a scavenging urban bird.
                                 Reinbears: a dear with paws; not as scary as a werebear.
                                Seahorses: a bitey but mountable bipedal sea creature; can be ridden if you insist.
                                 Shrill-shrieking shrews: not all that loud actually.
                                Scorpion pigs: amphibious. Toxic and delicious.
                                 Squids: marine planimals somehow distinctive from octopuses; diet maybe?
                                  Space bees: bees from space.
                                Trailgators: not very cuddly; live in the Cleverglades.
                                 Walruses: delicious.
                                 Xylopillars: a curious and supportive critter that sustains itself on wood. It uses its own body to replace the structural                                                                            integrity lost from what it consumes. No xylopillar has ever  consumed more than its own body weight over its                                                                                              lifetime.
                                 Zions: have no known predators or prey; they have huge appetites but it's uncertain what for.


                 the jointly appointed head of Clovermeade; a position Domicilians tried out once but  they didn't really   have the knack for politics.

 Post holing:
                 the act of admiring the work of a digger.

 Pudding- time: 
                an exclamation of joy or ecstasy.

                a field of study that aims to pry into a persons head and disrupt behavior.


                a spontaneously contracted illness, especially among children; potentially life-threatening. Or not. Who's to say, really?


                slang; e.g., "What kind of rappendjap poem is this?" Origin: the thirteen expected alien languages.

               how Domicilians spend their down time. Mostly Frisbee.


 Shrink tank:
                invented to shrink coons.

                past tense of shrood; a dead shrood.

                a type of tree. 

                the act of forcing affection on a dangerous planimal.

                an undergarment; very alluring.

                 a catch-all phrase to portray someone unfavorably for any reason.

 Space swimmer: 
                a person who travels outside the dome.

 Clovermeade's manufacturer; also a store.

 Sports & leisure (some, not all):                                
Crisco dance:
a slippery style of dance.
             Brawlroom dance: a painful style of dance.
             Lawn- jarts: an outdoor activity involving projectiles only played at night; it's a lot of fun if you can manage.
             Rocket shoes: (see: vehicles).
             Shalie- Whacking: Clovermeade's favorite pastime. Everyone loves shalie whacking, from dirt-kissed children playing in the                                                       gutters to professionals on the court basking in glory, adoration, and buckets of klinkos.
              Singing butter: it just sings, you know?
             Strip- polka:  revealing.

 Story grid: 
                an easily accessed archive within the Encyclomedia.

 Tracer phone: 

                a  device for communication and monitoring issued by BOBO to all Domicilians on their twelfth birthday. 


 Train- rounder: 
                 a large piece of equipment used to change the direction of trains; they used to do it by hand.

                where things go after they're discarded. Long thought to be an incinerator.

 a person who deliberately does not eat meat.

 Vehicles (some, not all):
a passenger vehicle providing an uncomfortable and punishing ride; it's anyone's guess why people still use                                                             them.
     Metropede: a six- legged bike on rollerskates.
            Helicopter pack: a personal hovering device.
             Rocket shoes: (see : sports & leisure).
             Titanimus car: slick-shifter or neuralmatic.
             Tri- carrier: a metropede with a basket capable of  carrying three things.


                 an automated answering machine.


                 artificial; anything automated is generally referred to as "weather."

 Weights and Measurements table:

                                            Dotmark:  shorter than a linemark.
                                           Linemark: a precise unit of length severely dependent on the line or stick used to make the   measurement.

               Time: read on a ticktometer:
                                           Tick: a small increment of time.                            
90 ticks.
                                           Acre: 1440 minuks.
                                           Day: the amount of time it takes for the moon to rotate on its axis; about 28-31 acres
                                                           (fluctuates predictably). There are twelve per story and they fall in this order:
the time it takes the moon to make one revolution around the sun; twelve days.
                                           Novella: ten stories.
     Stretch: a long mazin' time; 100 stories.
                            Heat content: just as complicated as it sounds.
                                         Herculeeds per Square Linemark: HSL

                           Kyle: temperatures above balmy.                         
temperatures below kind of chilly. 

                                  Leaguers: a medium amount of fluid.
                                        Metaleaguers: a large amount of fluid.
                                         Quotation: a small amount of fluid.

                                         Year:  the precise amount of dickert water one adds to the punch in order to spike it (varies to taste).
                           Herculeed: a heavyish unit of weight; still pretty light though.


                 a bully.



                a head of corn.




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The Standard Dictionary of Clovermeade

(Not the Advanced One)
























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