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Cast andCrew

Radio People Comedy Series Podcast cast and crew


Marcus:  Michael Prosen

Ruby:  Amy Schwabauer

Carlo:  Jon Wysochanski

RJ:  Brian Bacon

Jennabel:  Kaitlin Kelly

Wally:  Brendan Kelly


Help Desk:

Yuri:  Brendan Kelly

Salema:  Beth Speck

Neerlander:  Jason Baasten

Ama: Cathleen O'Malley



SpeckoLift:  Sheffia Dooley

Boswell:  Brian Bacon

New Lift: Benjamin Gregg


Other Stuff:

Mission Logs (Bobby Duchanko): Brian Bacon

Penny Tightgrove: Amy Schwabauer

Tom Turkey Narrator: Brendan Kelly

Down Townshend (“This town is crazy”): Chris Frohring

Chairperson Andy: Sean Booker

Phobia Frozencold: Lily Bacon

Joe Steenoil: Brendan Kelly

Numerous Other Voices: Leslie Rogers, Chris Dines, Meganne Stepka, Anthony Touarti, Lily Bacon, Jade Lucas, Mike Roberts, Sidney Bacon, Valerie Kilmer, Lauren Fraley

Photography: J. Andrew Thames

Boom Operator: Mike Roberts

Key Grip: Brendan Kelly

Best Boy: Brian Bacon

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